Chapter Ten

Cassleeya and Celt went away on their honeymoon together. They went to the Middle East back to Celts homeland to see the sights. They stayed in a luxury hotel with amazing views of the city.  

Cassleeya was always drawn to doing work for her principality, signing her legal documents, reviewing songs written, books published and even reading emails about who is coming to stay in Vikceltmar on diplomatic missions. That was something that up until now she did not have to worry about – the diplomatic missions. She was too focused on HER people, not having diplomatic meetings with international politicians, other royals, and famous people from around the world. Now that was something she was tasked to do when she returned: focus on international meetings and collaborations.

     ‘What is this?’ asked Celt. ‘Why are you doing work for? We are on our romantic time! Put that away and let us go sightseeing! You are not wasting OUR time doing that stuff.’

    ‘I have to reply to these emails and phone calls! I must sign these documents! If I don’t then…’

    ‘Then what? I used to be too focused on my business and it didn’t make any difference! Life is not just about focusing on that!’ He was a little upset that his wife was spending large amounts of their honeymoon signing documents and organsing meetings rather than spending time with him. After all he was already ancient and time was so important. He had learnt many years ago, that life and enjoying one’s life are much more important that working so hard you have no time left to do what you want! He used to work many many hours running his business and then when he left to go travelling, he realised life is not about working so hard anymore. Its about spending time doing what you find valuable, fun and what you love. Its about spending time with friends and enjoying your life. Its not about money or spending every second making millions of dollars to not have time to even spend the money that you made!

     ‘I have to think of Vikceltmar and keep everything happening even while I am here enjoying my time with YOU!’ she said thinking about what she needed to finish, the emails, the documents, and the meetings.

   ‘I see. I know. Why don’t we go and sightsee this week and then maybe for a little time in the evenings we can spend together signing documents, emails and things okay?’ he said.

‘Okay,’ she said as they sat together, kissing, cuddling, and siting together. They had already had many romantic evenings. They were so happy together.

The next day they went out sightseeing together, to the beach, the museums, and as they walked around the city not one person even cared that she was a princess and he an old man. Not one person cared that she was supposedly an important princess back in Vikceltmar. In fact, no one had even heard of the place. ‘What is Vikceltmar?’ the people would ask as they walked around. Cassleeya would show them their passport, photos and copies of their books, their national laws, and their national instrument. They would get excited to find out that an island existed called Vikceltmar!

That day they went to the beach and sat there on the sand, they spent their time kissing, talking about their future, their lives, and watching the waves. They were loving every minute of their holiday. They went to the shops and brought new clothes, dresses, skirts, and pants for Celt. He needed a new wardrobe of clothes. Back on Vikceltmar there wasn’t such a supply of the latest and greatest outfits to choose from. So, while in Arabia he picked himself up some amazing new outfits to wear.

Most people in Vikceltmar were lucky if they were able to get their hands on exciting new clothes due to the high taxes and import / export laws. Most of their shops did not stock the latest fashions and people stitched their own designs. So, they decided to use their time to buy clothes not only for themselves but for their citizens too! They stocked up on suits, dresses, and shorts to take back to their island and give to their shopkeepers for people to buy.

It wasn’t until they returned back to their luxury hotel that evening that Celt realised that they were still thinking of their principality even when out shopping. He sat on the bed and said: ‘I think we are meant to be spending time caring about our people. I don’t mind spending parts of our trip helping Vikceltmar. Let’s go through those emails now!’ They sat in front of the computer that evening and started signing documents virtually.

That holiday had taught them both that no matter where they were, they were still the leaders of Vikceltmar and always put their citizens first.

Chapter Nine

Princess Cassleeya and Prince Celt got married at their big palace. It was a massive big wedding with all the citizens of Vikceltmar attending. The whole five hundred of them. They all crammed themselves into the big hall in the palace that was for big regal events. The last big regal event was when her father Marcus invited his mates for a late-night disco when he was a teenager. So, the hall was becoming rather dusty, damp and looked unused. The staffers cleaned it and filled it with five hundred chairs ready for their wedding. It was a squeeze as they used every tiny bit of space that they had available. They felt It was much more important to invite their citizens to their big day rather than the international big wigs! They could have invited Kings and Queens from other places, but instead they invited their own locals.

    On the day of their wedding everyone was dressed in different types of clothes. Some of their citizens wore casual jeans, others formal clothes. It was interesting to see all the people in their palace, talking, happy, excited for Celt and Cass. ‘Congratulations!’ all the people said to the couple on their big day.

    Cassleeya was walked up the isle by her father who was proud. He was dressed up in a nice suit with all his award medals displayed proudly on his chest. She was surprised that he managed to have any, given he never did anything that worthy. He even had a medal with the award for when he introduced the hound to their passport. It was his most famous achievement! Another of his awards was for his work at the pub come diner that he frequented regularly.  The diner was proud of him and how he encouraged people to go out and about to their local cafes. Before Marcus started going down to his local haunt, the Vikceltmarnians were all stay at home types, then because of his work they started going out to the pubs and cafes for their meals. That was the first major step in making the citizens travel outside their homes. Hence the diner awarded him with a medal of achievement for his courageous actions, those actions were encouraging the citizens to go out for their meals. The medal was a metal cross that pinned onto his shirt and it a dark blue V emblazoned on the lighter blue ribbon that hung down beneath the main cross. The hound award was also a metal cross that he pinned on to his shirt with a dark blue ribbon hanging and a dog printed on it.

As all the guests were seated, Dad walked Cassleeya down the isle on her big day. She was wearing a white flowing wedding dress. She looked beautiful. Celt was standing at the end of the isle waiting. Then came the words ‘Cassleeya do you take Celt to be your husband,’ she replied yes. ‘Celt do you take Cassleeya to be wife?’, he replied yes. They kissed. Both were not overly religious anymore. Celt was a Muslim and Cassleeya originally supposed to be Christian. But their ceremony was a non-religious occasion. They were happy.

After their ceremony, the public were able to hang around their great hall and have some food. Then afterwards, after everyone had a great day and afternoon together at the palace, everyone went back home. Everyone but Cassleeya and Celt, who left that evening for their romantic holiday together.

Chapter Eight

Cassleeya went and tracked down the film crew for the show she and Celt had watched. She was shocked that the five contestants who appeared on the show were all Vikceltmarnians. The show was called Survival of the woods. Each contestant lived in the woods and completed quests. Each month the winner of the most contests was immune from being voted off the show. It was the Vikceltmarnians who voted each month for someone to be kicked off! How come she had never heard of this show, she thought! She was invited to go and give the winner the prize. The prize was a holiday around the world. Celt was so excited that he had made her aware of the show. He kept mentioning it to her every day. ‘Now dear, if I didn’t come to your palace you would never have known about that show!’

‘I know I know and do you need to remind me? I am so glad I am feeding you more food too!’ she ribbed back at him just as quickly. Because that was also true, if he didn’t come to her palace he would still be living in a tent as an anorexic old man! Their relationship was flourishing. They were both so happy and teaching each other new things. Every day Celt pointed out things to Cassleeya and she was so excited to be expanding her knowledge. Things like how to run a business, how to invest money, and some legal skills. Cassleeya was teaching Celt how to lead a principality.

Meanwhile, her staffers had found the duo rules and began scanning them into their computer so they would never lose them again! It was celt, even though he was extremely ancient, who suggested they have a website for their principality. As it turns out they already had one, that was so crappy, it was not worthy of a mention and no one knew it existed. Now, Mr Muha had mentioned it they decided to modify it, review it and make it the best website that they could. On it they put their duo rules for all their citizens to familiarize themselves with their terms and words and legal code.

Eek ist Skippens! – I am going a Shipping!

Skippens! – Ships sailing through the harbour / also means ships!

The duo rules read:

‘We do not allow anyone to enter Vikceltmar. They must learn our language Vikceltmarn. Adopt our national anthem. And make sure they use our Vikcelt currency. All their work and skills go towards helping better our island principality.

Cassleeya was so excited they had found the duo rules! Not finding them was eating away at her every day! ‘How can we not know where they are!’ she mumbled to herself every day. Now that she had that stress firmly off her big shoulders, she had time to dedicate to her boyfriend Celt Muha. He was now over his TV viewing. He had watched everything imaginable and was running out of shows! So he made himself useful and started assisting her with the signing of legal documents and his business background helped considerably. He knew what he was doing. Although he was rather preoccupied when they were sitting at that legal desk together. Some days he found himself rather distracted with her sitting there. He would kiss her, cuddle her instead of signing those documents!

About 2 months later he decided it was time. One day he gained the courage to ask for her hand in marriage. ‘Cassleeya,’ he said as he was kneeling in front of her. ‘will you marry me?’ she was in complete shock. She had never imagined in her life that she would find herself still single at 35, and then be dating an old man!

‘Yes,’ she said as she began crying with excitement and shock. The hugged. They kissed. She put an engagement ring on her finger. It was nothing that amazing, just a normal plain ring and she loved it. She wore it proudly. That day was the beginning of her life! She was now going to be Princess Cassleeya Muha of Vikceltmar.

Later that day, she went onto her big balcony and declared her engagement with Celt standing next to her. Her staffers were extremely shocked at her decision. The citizens were rather excited that she had decided to marry him. It was the biggest decision of her life and she was so excited.

Chapter Seven

Celt moved into the palace. He was finding it rather difficult to adjust to such lavish living arrangements. Back when he was in his tent, he had a mattress that was hard and uncomfortable, a fire to cook his food, and an area to sit. He had the essentials, and that was his choice. Now he had an entire apartment within the palace! That apartment consisted of a king-sized bed in a large bedroom with his own ensuite bathroom, a kitchen, and a lounge room.

On the first night he spent in the palace he was not sure what to do! He spent the first part of the evening watching TV in the lounge room and then realised he also had a TV in the bedroom, and it was so luxurious! So, he went into his bedroom to lay on the bed and watch TV.  He watched many movies, TV series, he was enjoying his time in the palace.

A few days later when he was resting one afternoon Cassleeya came to visit. She gave him some time to unpack. Also, she was extremely busy signing her legal documents, explaining the word Schippens to the locals and trying to find the duo rules. ‘How are you?’ she asked him while he was watching TV on the lounge.

‘I think I have become addicted to your TV!’ he sighed. ‘I find myself watching daytime TV a lot. Some of these programs! What on earth would anyone want to watch a bunch of people do silly things for?’ She shrugged. Truthfully, she never watched much TV. ‘But I am so addicted myself! I just watched a bunch of famous people being filmed living in the desert, another bunch of people training their dogs, and then now this show where people live in the bush and have to complete quests! I do not know why, but I am becoming addicted! Like this girl here with the grey hair has to complete a set of bush mazes and then somehow answer the clue!’

‘Right… and what happens if she answers the clue?’ she asked. She was watching the young girl running through the bush grabbing flags off trees as she went.

‘If she answers the clue, she gets a prize. Sometimes that prize is freedom from being kicked out the bush, and sometimes it’s a free meal to eat!’

‘It sounds stupid,’ said Cassleeya.

‘No, it’s not stupid I think that young girl is really talented. Look how fast she runs and grabs those flags! She has to run and grab each flag until she reaches the end where she puts all the flags into their right holes on the ground and then that reveals the clue that she has to answer!’

‘How does she know what holes in the ground to put the flags?’ Cassleeya was watching the grey-haired girl as she reached the end and started putting the flags into holes in the dirt.

‘The flags have to be in the right flag order that she was show only once at the start of the maze!’ He was watching wanting her to finish and get her prize. ‘The clue is a cryptic poem and she then has to say the correct answer to get her prize.’

‘And what is her prize for today?’ asked Cassleeya as she watched.

‘It’s breakfast for tomorrow.’

‘And what happens if she doesn’t get the prize?’ she asked. ‘Does she still get her breakfast? I am not quite getting this show!’

‘Well you should be getting this show because its filmed here on Vikceltmar! Well not actually on this island, but over at mountain wood lodge on the other island ….’ Cassleeya looked shocked. She did not even know that they filmed anything on Vikceltmar and yet here there was a reality TV show that was very much filmed in her principality. ‘Yes, she eats, but not as well. If she wins breakfast, she gets a full all you can eat style breakfast. If she loses, she gets just a bowl of cereal.’

She raised her eyebrows. ‘Do you know who films this show?’

‘Its your principality my love. It might be in the credits?’ Even though he was watching, he wasn’t aware who exactly produced the show. Cassleeya made it her mission to go and find out. ‘Thanks for letting me stay here.’ He lent in and kissed her. He was looking a little fatter now that he was eating better. Well not better, just more food. Like he had full breakfasts, full lunches, and dinners. Before he ate when he wanted and not usually such big meals. Now he had free food delivered to him throughout the day and so his stomach was continuing to expand. Cassleeya loved that he was starting to fatten up because she felt he was too skinny for her. She was not overly big, but skinny either!

The sat there together and watched the rest of the bush series, snuggling on the lounge as they talked. She was excited to have discovered a show filmed in her very own principality! The girl won her breakfast prize! She also loved listening to his stories of his life in the desert, and every time she though she had heard them all he would start another tale of another exciting adventure. She loved spending time with him.

However, people in her principality were starting to talk about their age gap and their differences. They were quick to point out that he was way way way too old for her and that she was supposed to marry a local man her own age. That was her royal custom. Not to go off and fall in love with a man from another country old enough to be her grandfather! The people were shocked with her and Celt’s relationship. In fact, Marcus was shocked too. He found out when he was half drunk in the local diner and nearly fell off his chair. Admittedly he was already tipsy anyway, but he was sitting there drinking with his usual boring mates then one of them told him that his daughter was seriously dating Celt Muha, a local tent dweller down near the shore who was 78! He knew they went to dinner and were kind of seeing each other and thought nothing of it, because he didn’t know they were that that serious, so serious he now lived in her palace! But he was okay about it. He was her dad! He didn’t care who she married or dated and as long as she was happy, then he was happy. Her grandparents were also told the news, but they didn’t care because they were off enjoying their early retirement. Most people in the town were okay about it too and were just happy for Cassleeya.

AND SO that afternoon past with Celt and Cassleeya spent their time together snuggling on the lounge watching TV not caring one bit about what people thought of their relationship!

Chapter Six

About a week after 30 minute catch up, Celt had organised to take Princess Cassleeya back to his homeland. He thought about what she said about keeping in contact with his family and decided it was time to go and visit them over on the other side of the world. He invited Cassleeya and she agreed to go with him. She hadn’t travelled too far outside her own little island before, only an occasional trip here and there, so it was indeed a great adventure for her.

While they were travelling, she got to meet his family, his old friends and get a tour through the desert. However, they did not run into any hippos! She loved the weather and meeting new and interesting people. She loved learning all about his amazing culture. But within a short space of time, she had to go home to her Vikceltmar to see to her affairs.

When she returned, her staff were running around frantically. “What is happening?” she asked rather concerned.

“Well we had some issues with our legal documents while you were away!” the staffer said really panicked.

“Issues?” she asked.

“Yes issues. The legal codes have gone! And one of those contracts you signed the other week about our language is being disputed and I need to check our Vikceltmar Duo rules, but I can’t find them!”

“Vikceltmar Duo rules? Aren’t they in our archives? What are they disputing?” she asked really concerned.

“They WERE in our archives until yesterday when I tried to find them! And they are disputing the word Schippens and its meaning,” he sounded rather saddened as he sighed.

“Right. Well I will help you search for the duo rules in a minute. What is wrong with Schippens?”

“Well some say it means ship and others say it means to go sailing in the Harbour. So, one is the vessel and the other meaning is the method of transport through our Harbour in Vikceltmar!” Vikceltmar had a tiny little harbour to the east of their city where they moored their boats, unloaded and loaded goods and where the tourists arrived. When tourists indeed bothered to come!

“Well I say it can mean both! And why on earth would we need our duo rules for?” she asked rather intrigued. When she was growing up the word Schippens was used to mean ships, boats, watercraft, but also the transportation down a river or out through a Harbour. As an example, we are going a Schippens. We are going sailing to a harbour. The schip means the ship and the Schippens means the ships. So, she really was at a loss as to why someone would question the meaning of such a simple word! “And what did I sign?”

“You signed for the approval of a marina with moorings and in the documents, you used the word Schippens. That the Schippens will moor at the marina and he thought the word only meant to sail down the harbour! He wanted us to change the term in the contract! Don’t worry yourself with that! I will let the man know it’s meaning Your highness,” said her staffer while taking a massive breath feeling such relieve. That was one less stress he had to deal with for the day! “And now we continue our search for the Legal duo rules!” Off he stomped back towards the archives room behind her office where she sat to sign all the legal documents.

For as long as she could remember they had their own legal codes, rules, regulations, and her mind was floating back to try and remember the duo rules. She knew the document included rules about the use of words and terms in their language and who has what right to use what. But she couldn’t recall reading about the word Schippens! Oh well that drama was over for now and she wanted to go and speak to Celt. She was missing him so terribly and he had only been gone from her life for about two hours since they disembarked from their yacht that very morning.

Celt was starting to put on some weigh since chatting to Cassleeya.  She insisted he eat a lot while they were over in the desert. He went from eating tiny meals to having big feasts and his stomach was being to bulge through his skinny pants. And where there was no stomach before, now there was some meat to surround his anorexic bones.

“Cassleeya, what are you doing at my tent?” he asked as she walked over. After they arrived of course she went back to her palace to deal with the ruckus and he went back to his tent to have a nice rest. He was always pleasantly surprised when she made the effort to visit him as opposed to him visiting her!

“I was missing you already! Please can’t you move into my palace? I hate seeing you like this and the Vikceltmarnians are starting to talk!” she said in a soft voice.

“Talk? What?” he was in shock. He didn’t think anyone in the town minded or cared that he was spending a little bit too much time with the head princess of the land.

“Yes, they know we are, well we are, you know almost a couple and they are wanting to know when you are moving into my palace!” She was making it up a little. She thought that kind of information might encourage him to move in with her. She wasn’t ashamed he was living in a tent, but she felt bad living in such a grand palace while he was roughing it!

“Look okay I will move into your palace!” They hugged. They got excited and then Celt started packing up his stuff ready to move!

When he had finished packing up his tiny little suitcase full of memories, clothes, gadgets, books and the tent itself, the two of them made their way to her palace to begin their life together!

Chapter Five

Celt and Cassleeya had the most wonderful evening. It was amazing. At the end of the night he kissed her on the lips before departing home. But unlike her, he lived in a tent on the outskirts of the town. He was not from Vikceltmar originally, but from the sands of Arabia. He made his way to Vikceltmar as a businessman. Back home he owned a wealth of businesses, until he changed his lifestyle and ended up on the other side of the world in Vikceltmar on a small island surrounded by the North Kelta sea.

Vikceltmar was on an island. It had its main village where most of the six hundred Vikceltmarnians lived, and then several outposts. Those outposts were for their farming and forestry. To the south of the island was Vemarn sea. And about one kilometer south of the island was another island where the citizens would go for their holidays – they called this Stoney Beach. To the North and West of Vikceltmar was the Kelta North Sea and not too far away was another island full of mountains where the locals would go cut down their trees and hunt their game. Therefore, because they were on an island it was indeed exceedingly difficult to import and export goods. Everything they produced and made they did themselves, from their hand made instruments, through to their beer production and spud farms. The island was around two kilometers long and three wide. Cassleeya’s palace sat in the middle of the main town and looked out over her village.

The next day Cassleeya awoke feeling so excited. She had dreamt that she went on her own adventures across many deserts. Then reality set in and she had to get to work running her principality. By that afternoon, Celt had come to visit bringing her an amazing bunch of flowers, some chocolates, and some coffee. Because there was one thing Cassleeya loved drinking more than anything else, and that was coffee. She drank coffee every chance she got. She was amazed that he knew of her love for coffee because she told no one.

Cassleeya was extremely busy that afternoon and could only spare 30 minutes of her time for Celt. During that time, they spoke of his travels, his history, her history, and what her plans were for Vikceltmar. “Why did you come here for If you had all these businesses Celt?” she asked rather curious.

“Well I made my wealth selling oil and property. Then I got bored and went travelling. I ended up here by chance really. I had lost a lot of my wealth over the years. Wrong investments.”

“Chance?” she was sitting on the edge of her chair wearing a beautiful red dress and some black shoes that were too big for her feet.

“Yes, I went on a sailing expedition and found this strange place and I stayed,” he shrugged.

“Then why are you living in a tent? Your welcome to come and live at my palace!” she said.

“Well after I lost a lot of my money, I couldn’t afford to live in a house here. Prices are too high. Your property prices are horrible! Your Palace? Maybe. I will think about it.” He had only known her for a day and didn’t feel like moving into her massive palace, just yet. Her palace was huge, and he doubted that he would even see her in such a big building! If he was staying up one end and she the other, then their paths would not even cross. It was something he would think about in time, perhaps?

“Okay, and you’re sure your alright staying in a tent?” she asked again feeling worried about him and his living situation.

“Yes. I am okay,” were the only words he spoke.

“And what about your family?” she asked.

“My family are still overseas. I have two sons and five daughters all grown. I even have some grandchildren. My ex-wife is living overseas. We divorced many many years ago. I was too busy running my businesses and she hated me for it.”

“Oh,” she did not know what to say. “And do you keep in contact with them?”

“Not really. No. I rather not. They are okay over there and I am okay here.”

“Right. Well don’t you want to know what they are doing? How they are going?” she sounded concerned for him. If that were her, she would want to know, she felt.

“Nope. I don’t want to know,” he stated sounding a little upset. She refrained from asking any more questions. “What are you doing this afternoon?” he asked. “You with all your important responsibilities?”

“I am signing more of these legal documents unfortunately. And you?” here spare thirty minutes were finishing up.

“I am going to spend time down at the local café we went for dinner. I run into your father sometimes!”

“Right, well I have to go. I will see you soon!” Cassleeya got up and walked out of the room to go sign many more legal documents.

Chapter Four

Cassleeya was walking through her town of Vikceltmar one day, when she was stopped by a man wearing three knitted white sweaters in layers, a pair of grey shoes, the heads of the shoes were styled like creatures from the murky waters of nun, and a pair of black shorts that came to just below his knees. He also had a head scarf on. His name was Celt Muha and was 78 years old with a darkish skin tone. He was an odd man and loved mixing and matching his outfits to suit. He had wanted to talk to Cassleeya for ages and ages and now he had his moment of opportunity.

‘Your highness,’ he stated as he stopped her while she walked through the main street. She was lucky, because even though she was the head princess of her land, no one gave a darn if they saw her out shopping, going for a morning walk, having a drink at the local haunt with her dad Marcus, which she did occasionally. Her dad basically lived at one café slash pub that was just down the road from her massive palace. So, she made infrequent visits to go see him and see how he was, occasionally. But sometimes members of the roaming public, those that ventured outside to play their music, or sport, would stop her and ask her questions. Usually how her palace was fairing or how she was doing at convincing the government to stop the taxes.

‘Yes sir,’ she replied as was her custom. All men were called Sir and all women Ma’am.

‘I want to ask you something,’


‘Would you like to come to dinner with me?’ she was in shock and stood there looking at Celt wearing his weird outfit. He did not look that old, well not extremely ancient, but he was so slim almost anorexic. She did not have anything to say as she stood there in plain shock. ‘Well?’ He said to her.

‘Well? Yes Okay.’ She was always nice and always said yes even if she knew it could be the worst decision of her entire life. Going out to dinner with an almost ancient anorexic man who was wearing three white knitted jumpers! Surely that wasn’t the type of man a princess shouldn’t be having dinner with. But anyway, she agreed to go and that was it!

‘Yes, how fantastic. I am so glad. I will come and pick you up around 5pm tomorrow if that suits?’ She quickly thought about what she had on tomorrow, it was a Wednesday, and agreed.

The next day at exactly 5pm Mr. Celt Muha showed up at her massive palace and knocked on the door. The butler answered. He did not really like the idea of her going out with an old common man who was old enough to be her father, but anyway it was not his decision or anyone else’s decision. And she was not sure she made the best decision herself. As she opened the door, she was wearing a beautiful blue dress that flowed down to her ankles. The sleeves were puffed and down to her wrists. Mr. Muha was wearing a suit with only one of his white jumpers over the top for warmth. It wasn’t even cold, but obviously since he was so skinny, he felt the cold much more easily.

Celt escorted her to the dinner, which he had organised at the very local haunt her father frequented. There she was all dressed up ready to go have dinner with an old spindly man at a pub, well almost a pub!

‘I though we would go somewhere nice?’

‘THIS is nice,’ he replied. She just shrugged and agreed. As they walked into the local haunt that was part diner, part pub, part take away café, she could see a copy of their flag and passport cover mounted in a frame on the wall. They walked over to a small table and sat down to eat. ‘What will you have?’

‘Um, I think some sandwiches and some coffee,’ she replied. They had to go up to the counter to order. Celt went and placed the order, he had pizza. She had sandwiches. They both had coffee. Because even though it was a pub like setting, well almost a pub, she did not drink alcohol and neither did he!

It was odd as all the other diners were sitting around in casual clothes and she was wearing a blue dress fit for a princess and he a suit with a casual sweater over the top of it. He had polished his black shoes too.

As their food arrived, they began eating and Celt began talking about his exploits. He was a fishing expert, rode several animals, and ran his own businesses. He was full of adventurous stories and Cassleeya became transfixed listening intently at his amazing life experiences and travels. He told of one story where he went traveling through the desert by himself and got lost, ended up going though many caves and finally made it back home. Then he told of another story where he went off roading and nearly got trampled by a hippo! What could have been the worst evening of her life was turning out to be the best. The coffee was the best tasting in the world. Her sandwiches were scrumptious. She was starting to become smitten for the old man named Celt who she found herself having dinner with.

‘Wow,’ she mumbled to herself as she continued her amazing evening.

Chapter Three

One day when all the Vikceltmarnians were outside the palace playing Pebblamar, something remarkable happened. One of the townsfolk was playing with some string and discovered a wonderful sound was produced when he strummed it. The towns folk were not into playing musical instruments usually, as they were difficult to purchase. Trying to buy a flute, guitar, or anything else was a challenge due to the import and export laws in place. So, most citizens decided to make their own instruments out of whatever they could find. A piece of wood or a garbage can became a drum. A few pieces of string became a good guitar for strumming.

One of their citizens named Binge discovered that if you put five strings together across a square wooden frame, a great guitar like sound is produced. It sounded soft, calming, and great to listen to. He created a wooden frame, tied his five strings tight together across the frame and started producing his own music. The sounds were classic and had never been produced anywhere else in the world. Binge presented his newly created instrument to Princess Cassleeya who had heard his playing from her palace. She was so proud of his invention and knighted him for it.

The Vikceltmar knighthood was something to be most proud of. When a citizen invented something, solved a world challenge, or introduced a new idea, they were rewarded handsomely. The reward consisted of receiving a knighthood of the Vikceltmar dog. A big hound unique to their kingdom – that Prince Marcus introduced onto their passport. They also got a certificate to put up in their home that said – Knighthood of the Vikceltmar. They also got an undisclosed monetary reward in Vikcelts and the title of Sir or Dame to put in front of their name or at the back of their name depending. Some citizens did not really like being knighted, so they put the title at the end of their name, just as Binge did. He called himself Binge Vike, Sir. That was how he liked it. To be forever not known as the recipient of a knighthood. He, like most of the citizens, were always inventing things and didn’t want to be rewarded.

None the less, Binge was rewarded and on his knighthood ceremony day, he got all dressed up and stood there in the big palace as Princess Cassleeya presented him with his piece of paper with the dog and crown on it. He was proud until everyone started cheering and he sunk away in embarrassment. That was one thing that people of Vikceltmar hated: being the Centre of attention. Even the royals hated it. They wanted to be treated normally, and well they were mostly. Binge went home with his award. Vikceltmar had a new instrument they called the Vikceltar. A guitar unique to Vikceltmar. IT was a logical naming choice and the citizens loved it.

A local shop in town started producing the instrument in bulk. Before long everyone had one and began playing. Within a few days the townsfolk were noted for their musical talents. In between playing Pebblamar and their new instrument the Vikceltar they spent time doing other things including reading, writing and less hiding away in their homes.

Cassleeya was changing her principality completely…

Chapter Two

Cassleeya was all by herself in running HER principality. Her grandfather and grandmother both left to go live abroad and her father, who was never set to lead, was off enjoying himself with his mates at their local haunt still. In fact, he was always off drinking and enjoying himself. Whenever he had to do work, he did so rather unwillingly. Her mother Birna had died when she was in her teens of cancer. Therefore, she was all alone trying he best to run her Vikceltmar.

Within the first week in her official role she soon realized how hard, depressing, and isolating it was for her. Especially the bit where she had to sit in that gloomy old room signing legal documents all day long. She felt a sense of sadness for her grandfather as that is what he spent a great chunk of his life doing. After her official coronation, she was told by her staffer’s that there was much to do and many legal documents to sign. At first, she would read each page and then sign her life away. But after the first week, she began skim reading the laws and not paying attention to what she was really signing! After all she could be giving away her whole principality for all she knew. She learnt many big legal terms that she was not even prepared to understand. Even at 35, she was respected for her talents, but not fully prepared to understand everything. Even when her grandfather was preparing her for her big new important role, he barely mentioned the actual content of the legal documents. But luckily, they had a legal officer to advise. And most of the time the legal officer would just insist she sign without much explanations given.

Another task that she did was going to visit her citizen’s. That first week she did a walk around her town and visited the townsfolk at their homes. They did not like going outside unless they had to for an emergency or to go to the pub for their drinks and dinners. Therefore, she made it her task to go and meet them all personally. at their homes. All five hundred of them. Each household had anywhere from one person living to twenty. There were around a hundred and fifty homes in total. It took her all of three days to go and visit everyone. Sometimes the people would invite her in for a coffee, and other times they were so shocked she made the effort to visit that they just talked to her at the front door as their hands shook nervously. Apparently, her grandfather never ever visited them. But Cassleeya insisted she would and make sure they were okay. The Vikceltmarnians loved it.  homes in total.

Then after a few weeks in her new role she started asking around to see what sports her citizens play. To encourage them to go outside she wanted them playing more sports and socializing other than just at their local pub. She asked around to see if they played any sports and well, they did not. Well none except sliding down hills and walking through their local parks, usually to get to their local shop or pub. Then it came to her. She would introduce the sport of pebble throwing. Her grandmother used to play it with her as a child. She put two sticks together to form a V shape, then each player would stand around ten meters away from it and throw six pebbles and try to get them to land in the V. Whoever’s pebble landed the closed into the V won the game. She called her sport Pebblelamar, meaning to throw pebbles into a Lamar (V). Each week she would run the sport from outside her palace. It was popular and people would come from all around to play. Admittedly they came for the winner’s prize. They would start the first round and the winners of that round would play another, then another until there was one winner at the end. The winner got the winners prize of a hundred thousand Vikcelts, equivalent to around a hundred and eighty thousand euro. Because Cassleeya’s family were rather wealthy and could spare such money to give away.

Therefore, within a short timeframe Cassleeya had begun transforming her principality from one full of hermits who drank too much, to one of sports man and women who loved going outside and enjoying nature. She was so proud of herself.

Chapter One

There was a beautiful princess named Cassleeya who led her principality of Vikceltmar.  She had the most amazing thick brown hair and green eyes. The men in her kingdom respected her and looked up to her.  When she turned 35, she was given the task by her father and grandparents to take over the leadership of her country.

Her father, Marcus, was an interesting character and never really raised Cassleeya because that task was left to her very skilled grandparents. Marcus was off socializing with his mates pretending not to be royal because he hated his life and wanted to be anywhere but in his own dominion. Her grandmother Margretheray was the one who raised her and taught her how to cook, clean, knit, and paint. She was so skinny that she looked almost deathly and you could see her green eyes sagging through her eye socks and her wispy hair was going grey. Her grandfather, Francisoy was never around much as he was too busy trying to lead his lands. He had to see to the laws. Every day he awoke to go into his office and sit at his big regal desk to sign the legal documents presented to him by his legal officers. He hated his job as much as Marcus. However, because it was his duty, he made himself sit there in that old and dark office every day and do what he needed to do for his people. The day his granddaughter Cassleeya turned 35 he gave her the responsibility that he did not like having.

The week that Cassleeya turned 35, she had to go out onto the balcony of her palace and greet her people. It was certainly something she was not really prepared to do. As she walked out onto that balcony on the third floor of her grand palace and looked down at her people below, she was met with only a few onlookers. Her grand palace was three stories and had around 150 rooms. And Vikceltmar was home to around 500 people.

‘Where is everyone?’ she asked one of her staff members who was standing just behind her. Below her in the courtyard she could see only a few people staring rather drably up at her on the balcony waiting for her to make her first speech as the official head princess of her land. She could see one young boy, a man, and a woman who looked like she wanted to be anywhere but where she was!

‘They are at home,’ replied her staffer.

‘Home? Don’t they know its my official coronation and first speech today?’

‘Yes, your highness they know.’

‘I thought they all respected my leadership,’ she sighed as she thought she was the most respected princess. She felt worry and fear as she stood there on her balcony looking down at the three onlookers in wonder.  Here on her day of days the people she thought respected her were not there. Therefore, she was left to feel that the very people she thought respected her did not actually respect her at all.

‘Yes, they do respect you! Your people, never like to attend events.’

‘Yes, I remember they didn’t turn up to Dad’s first speech either! But that was not his coronation, he was just meant to give that speech about how our hounds were now to be our national animal. I remember that day. No one came to his speech and then later they started asking how come they were issued with new passports and drivers licenses that had a picture of a dog on them!’

‘Yes, well that is how your people are your highness. It might not seem like they respect you when they do!  Even when your grandfather and great grandfather had their big day no one came because people don’t like attending such events.’

‘Right, okay.’ Cassleeya said as she stepped up to the edge near the railing and began her speech. After taking a deep breath, she began.

‘My dear and loyal people I am now officially your head princess today. My grandfather has handed over responsibility to me. I declare myself your head princess.’ Then she turned around and walked back inside her palace. There was nothing else she needed to announce especially given there were only three people watching her big day!

Meanwhile, her grandfather had gone exploring out in the bushes and her father was getting himself a few drinks at their local haunt. Her grandmother was inside the palace doing crafts and so on her big day of days she was all by herself ready to lead her principality of Vikceltmar.