Chapter Nine

Princess Cassleeya and Prince Celt got married at their big palace. It was a massive big wedding with all the citizens of Vikceltmar attending. The whole five hundred of them. They all crammed themselves into the big hall in the palace that was for big regal events. The last big regal event was when her father Marcus invited his mates for a late-night disco when he was a teenager. So, the hall was becoming rather dusty, damp and looked unused. The staffers cleaned it and filled it with five hundred chairs ready for their wedding. It was a squeeze as they used every tiny bit of space that they had available. They felt It was much more important to invite their citizens to their big day rather than the international big wigs! They could have invited Kings and Queens from other places, but instead they invited their own locals.

    On the day of their wedding everyone was dressed in different types of clothes. Some of their citizens wore casual jeans, others formal clothes. It was interesting to see all the people in their palace, talking, happy, excited for Celt and Cass. ‘Congratulations!’ all the people said to the couple on their big day.

    Cassleeya was walked up the isle by her father who was proud. He was dressed up in a nice suit with all his award medals displayed proudly on his chest. She was surprised that he managed to have any, given he never did anything that worthy. He even had a medal with the award for when he introduced the hound to their passport. It was his most famous achievement! Another of his awards was for his work at the pub come diner that he frequented regularly.  The diner was proud of him and how he encouraged people to go out and about to their local cafes. Before Marcus started going down to his local haunt, the Vikceltmarnians were all stay at home types, then because of his work they started going out to the pubs and cafes for their meals. That was the first major step in making the citizens travel outside their homes. Hence the diner awarded him with a medal of achievement for his courageous actions, those actions were encouraging the citizens to go out for their meals. The medal was a metal cross that pinned onto his shirt and it a dark blue V emblazoned on the lighter blue ribbon that hung down beneath the main cross. The hound award was also a metal cross that he pinned on to his shirt with a dark blue ribbon hanging and a dog printed on it.

As all the guests were seated, Dad walked Cassleeya down the isle on her big day. She was wearing a white flowing wedding dress. She looked beautiful. Celt was standing at the end of the isle waiting. Then came the words ‘Cassleeya do you take Celt to be your husband,’ she replied yes. ‘Celt do you take Cassleeya to be wife?’, he replied yes. They kissed. Both were not overly religious anymore. Celt was a Muslim and Cassleeya originally supposed to be Christian. But their ceremony was a non-religious occasion. They were happy.

After their ceremony, the public were able to hang around their great hall and have some food. Then afterwards, after everyone had a great day and afternoon together at the palace, everyone went back home. Everyone but Cassleeya and Celt, who left that evening for their romantic holiday together.

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