Chapter Ten

Cassleeya and Celt went away on their honeymoon together. They went to the Middle East back to Celts homeland to see the sights. They stayed in a luxury hotel with amazing views of the city.  

Cassleeya was always drawn to doing work for her principality, signing her legal documents, reviewing songs written, books published and even reading emails about who is coming to stay in Vikceltmar on diplomatic missions. That was something that up until now she did not have to worry about – the diplomatic missions. She was too focused on HER people, not having diplomatic meetings with international politicians, other royals, and famous people from around the world. Now that was something she was tasked to do when she returned: focus on international meetings and collaborations.

     ‘What is this?’ asked Celt. ‘Why are you doing work for? We are on our romantic time! Put that away and let us go sightseeing! You are not wasting OUR time doing that stuff.’

    ‘I have to reply to these emails and phone calls! I must sign these documents! If I don’t then…’

    ‘Then what? I used to be too focused on my business and it didn’t make any difference! Life is not just about focusing on that!’ He was a little upset that his wife was spending large amounts of their honeymoon signing documents and organsing meetings rather than spending time with him. After all he was already ancient and time was so important. He had learnt many years ago, that life and enjoying one’s life are much more important that working so hard you have no time left to do what you want! He used to work many many hours running his business and then when he left to go travelling, he realised life is not about working so hard anymore. Its about spending time doing what you find valuable, fun and what you love. Its about spending time with friends and enjoying your life. Its not about money or spending every second making millions of dollars to not have time to even spend the money that you made!

     ‘I have to think of Vikceltmar and keep everything happening even while I am here enjoying my time with YOU!’ she said thinking about what she needed to finish, the emails, the documents, and the meetings.

   ‘I see. I know. Why don’t we go and sightsee this week and then maybe for a little time in the evenings we can spend together signing documents, emails and things okay?’ he said.

‘Okay,’ she said as they sat together, kissing, cuddling, and siting together. They had already had many romantic evenings. They were so happy together.

The next day they went out sightseeing together, to the beach, the museums, and as they walked around the city not one person even cared that she was a princess and he an old man. Not one person cared that she was supposedly an important princess back in Vikceltmar. In fact, no one had even heard of the place. ‘What is Vikceltmar?’ the people would ask as they walked around. Cassleeya would show them their passport, photos and copies of their books, their national laws, and their national instrument. They would get excited to find out that an island existed called Vikceltmar!

That day they went to the beach and sat there on the sand, they spent their time kissing, talking about their future, their lives, and watching the waves. They were loving every minute of their holiday. They went to the shops and brought new clothes, dresses, skirts, and pants for Celt. He needed a new wardrobe of clothes. Back on Vikceltmar there wasn’t such a supply of the latest and greatest outfits to choose from. So, while in Arabia he picked himself up some amazing new outfits to wear.

Most people in Vikceltmar were lucky if they were able to get their hands on exciting new clothes due to the high taxes and import / export laws. Most of their shops did not stock the latest fashions and people stitched their own designs. So, they decided to use their time to buy clothes not only for themselves but for their citizens too! They stocked up on suits, dresses, and shorts to take back to their island and give to their shopkeepers for people to buy.

It wasn’t until they returned back to their luxury hotel that evening that Celt realised that they were still thinking of their principality even when out shopping. He sat on the bed and said: ‘I think we are meant to be spending time caring about our people. I don’t mind spending parts of our trip helping Vikceltmar. Let’s go through those emails now!’ They sat in front of the computer that evening and started signing documents virtually.

That holiday had taught them both that no matter where they were, they were still the leaders of Vikceltmar and always put their citizens first.

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